no mom, I can’t make my bed, I’m too busy being a wicked cool bad ass rebel punk also can you make me a grilled cheese

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Lmfao I’m such a failure wow i hate myself

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Glamour Kills

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pro tips for newcomers in the 1D fandom:

  • don’t ever tag a picture of Zayn with #his prime
  • Zayn’s prime is every day
  • Zayn peaks 500 times a second
  • every day
  • for the rest of eternity
  • Zayn’s prime is continuous and will last longer than your blog

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Detroit Tigers’ J. D. Martinez BREAKS  HIS BAT as he hits a double in the eighth inning of a baseball game against the Pittsburgh Pirates  in Detroit, Thursday, Aug. , 14, 2014.  Photo by: Jorge Lemus. (2014) 

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this will never let me down

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…i’m listening.

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Stallmate! Pepper wanted in and Kit wanted out. Meant to post this yesterday and forgot, but it’s a cute picture. Not to mention it shows how tiny Kit Kat is in comparison to Pepper, lol. #cats #catsofinstagram #instagram

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Do u ever see someone so hot ur asshole throbs

please go to church this sunday

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